XML Schemas for:

SPASE Base Model

The SPASE ontology can be expressed in many forms. One of those forms is as an XML Schema. An XML Schema expresses the constraints on the structure and content of an XML document. Typically an XML Schema is stored in a file with an ".xsd" extension.

When constructing an XML document the schema is referenced from the enclosing tag. For a SPASE document the enclosing tag has the form:

<Spase xmlns:xsi="" 
The "schemaLocation" maps the target namespace (in this case "") to a schema document. There exists an XML Schema document for each version of the SPASE data model.

Formal documents can be found hereView documentation of the SPASE Information Model..

SPASE Simulation Model

Also available is the schema for the XML versionView the SPASE Simulation XML Schema of the simulation data dictionary.

The recommended target namespace for use in XML documents is:

targetNamespace =

Formal documents can be found hereView the SPASE XML simulation information model documentation..