Registries and Resources

Since every resource registered in a SPASE compliant system has a unique resource identifier, finding a resource is made possible with a registry service. A registry service will translate a resource identifier into the resource description (metadata) for the resource. SPASE provides a set of registry servicesView the SPASE registry tools. which a naming authorityView the list of naming authorities can use to register and share resource descriptions.

The SPASE group maintains a registry for conceptual (i.e., services) and physical (i.e., people) resources. It's located at http:/ the SMWG registry explorer..

Digital resources (i.e., data) are registered at other locations like a virtual observatory.

When describing data resources references to other resources are made using the resource's identifier. A quick check at the SMWG RegistryOpen the comprehensive SPASE registry explorer. can save you from writing many of the required resource descriptions.


Search for a Resource Description

The SMWG registry contains resource descriptions for many conceptual (i.e., services) and physical (i.e., people) resources. It can be searched at:
To find descriptions related to "Geotail", enter the name in the box and click "Observatory" and hit enter. A formatted description of all related Observatory resources will be displayed.

Similar searches can be made for instruments, persons, and repositories.

Retrieve a Resource Description

Retrieve the resource description for the Geotail spacecraft.
It has the resource identifier of "spase://SMWG/Observatory/Geotail":
to see the resource description is a nice readble form, try the "render" service: